Saturday, July 3, 2010

Healing Our Hurts

It is amazing how being a parent can teach you things about God. Lately, I have been reflecting on my role of being God's child. Some of my best teaching lessons have occurred while trying to be a good parent to my own kids.

At this age, my kids think every twinge is an ouchie that must be treated. Every little poke needs a bandaid and every scratch needs a medicine. Every little discomfort needs to be smothered in kisses. And I love that my kiss can heal so many hurts. I fear the day that my kiss will no longer be enough.

This makes me wonder, Do I let God's kisses take away my hurts? Do I bring the little things to God and let Him sooth my ouchies?

Recently, one of my kids has been demanding comfort. Oh, it isn't angry tantrums so much as coming to me and purposefully pressing the wound into my lips rather than let me kiss it. This child will come for a hug and lunge at me rather than allow me to gently offer a hug. So we have been working on being gentle and not forcing things upon others, etc.

Today this child was hurt and came to me crying. I offered a hug and wiped the tears away. But since the child was crying, the nose was running. So my hug turned into an opportunity to wipe a messy nose against my shirt and arm. (It is true that being a mom, I get to deal with all kinds of bodily messes, and usually that is okay.) But today, I thought , "Ugh, here I offer a hug and kiss and instead I get yuckies all over me." Needless to say, the child and I had a bit of a conversation about healing the hurts and not getting mama gross.

Also, this got me thinking, When I come to God with my hurts, do I let Him heal them the way He knows is best or do I try to take advantage? When I'm hurting do I try to manipulate the situation or do I accept healing?

A fabulous book I have started reading, and based on the first two chapters I would recommend, "Healing for Damaged Emotions" by David Seamands. I look forward to reading the rest. We all have hurts throughout our entire lives and we need to heal.

May God bless you and heal all your ouchies! Have a great day!!

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