Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Outside

Well, Spring is starting to arrive. With it comes wonderful outside weather. I had so much fun playing in the yard yesterday with my kids. It was 63 degrees outside, the sun was shining though a bit overcast, there was a gentle breeze and I could smell someone down the street was grilling. Fabulous outside day!

So with nice weather comes a desire to exercise. And perhaps plant a garden of fresh produce.

Did you know that playing with kids can be exhausting? Thus, it must also be exercise, right? Well, maybe not quite everything exhausting is exercise. But in this case, if the exhaustion comes from physical exertion, then yes it is exercise and therefore it is good. So I need to play outside more with my kids.

And did you know that gardening can be exercise too? Yep, shoveling, hoeing, bending to weed, etc, all can be considered exercise. So there is another reason to be outside and exercise.

I certainly hope we have a beautiful spring and many opportunities to get outside!

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