Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Biggest Loser Thoughts

It is Tuesday, for me that is Biggest Loser Day. I don't watch many reality shows. Now don't get me wrong, I watch plenty of shows, just not reality shows. But a few seasons ago, I got hooked to Biggest Loser, and I really enjoy it.

Some things I like about the show include:
Of the other reality show episodes I have viewed (which I admit are few) I have watched a lot of game playing. People seem willing to do just about anything for money. Thankfully, Biggest Loser contestants seem willing to help each other and encourage one another rather than play the game. (Not all the contestants, but most)

Also, this show has a real purpose. It isn't lust or greed, but health. And the trainers give real advice, the guests help encourage and give helpful tips toward accomplishing these health goals and staying healthy after the show is done.

The producers/creators seem to really care about the contestants and their health. I have watched as they brought previous contestants back onto the show in an effort to continue helping them. The challenges are hard, but they are ultimately trying to help the health journey.

And I could continue giving reasons for why I watch this show and why I find it motivational. But the gist of it is, I like it and I empathize.

So, something I notice each season is this unhealthy trend: (Let me know if you can empathize with this)

The first episode airs and I totally empathize. I see what contestants are similar size to myself. I see the videos of them eating or trying on clothes, or trying to fit into a chair or car, etc. I totally know what it feels like because it is the life I live each day. And I get motivated, I think to myself, "If they are going to do this, I'm doing it with them." And for a few weeks, I am totally with them. I don't exercise quite as much, and I don't have the benefit of Bob or Jillian, the Biggest Loser Kitchen or the 24 hrs Fitness Gymn, or the life without distractions, but "so what, if they can do it, I can do it." Right?

Then, at some point during the season, as I am cheering them on, and being hopeful about my own weight loss journey, at some point I become a viewer. No longer am I thinking, "I can do it." I'm thinking, "YAY! Go for it, They can do it." Why did I switch from I to They?

Okay, so in the back of my brain, I am still hoping I can do it too. But I certainly won't be succeeding as fast as they are. I certainly won't be near my goal weight by the time the finale airs. What happened?

Well, life happened. I was distracted. I didn't work hard enough. I didn't put 100% effort into it. I didn't have the challenges and the competition. I didn't see that yellow line looming each week or the fear of being sent home prematurely. So, I lived my life, trying to make small adjustments in a positive direction.

Yes, I will make it. But it will not be before this season is done. In fact, it may take a few more full seasons before I reach my goal. But I will continue on my journey.

And as I continue at an at-home pace, I enjoy watching them lose massive amounts of weight each week, succeed in extreme challenges, and give me tips and motivation along the way.

Anybody relate?

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