Wednesday, September 23, 2009


One of the healthiest times in my life was when I was in college living with an apartment full of girls. It is true that this environment can have its downfalls. But in my case, there was one girl named Sara who wanted to be healthy along with me. She and I would get up every morning and exercise together. We encouraged each other. And for me, knowing I had someone else counting on me, made a huge impact in my willingness to follow through with my plan.

For some reason, I am able to make a plan and set expectations for myself and then not do them. An excuse always comes up, or I postpone/procrastinate to the point that I loose momentum and give up. I love when someone is expecting me to show up. If for some reason I am unable to attend the appointment, I love if they ask what happened.

This does not mean, I like receiving advice. In the journey to shed unhealthiness and become healthy, advice is totally different than accountability.

Accountability is the choice to be responsible to fulfill an agreed upon goal and willingness to account/explain the situation to another person. And in matters of health, I love having a friend to encourage, support, and keep me accountable.

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