Monday, September 28, 2009

Strength Training

Strength training is such an important step to health. I am told that by improving a person's muscle mass and toning, a person can achieve a higher metabolism, better health into old age, and avoid the body flab sagging that can occur while losing weight. Personally that sounds wonderful.

So I went through that bag I have of all the fitness stuff I have bought over the years and rarely ever used. I found a set of two lbs and a set of three lbs dumbbell weights. I found four stretch resistance bands. And I had recently purchased 2 sets of wrap around ankle/wrist weights.

I held up each weight individually and thought, "Oh yeah, like that is really gonna help me lose weight." Then I held up the whole bag with all the weights inside, "wow" that was about 14 lbs. So I started my workout with the wrap around weights around my ankles and the 2 lbs dumbbell weights in my hands. It wasn't too long and I felt a serious burn throughout my arms and legs.

Of course, only time and effort will tell what effect regular strength training will produce. It is recommended by the professionals. So I am guessing the effect will be positive. YAY!

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