Friday, September 25, 2009

Reflections from watching Biggest Loser Season 8 week 1

As I watch these 16 people receive a wonderful chance to lose weight a lot goes through my mind.
  • They are all seriously overweight like me.
  • They are choosing to leave their families for a season in order to return changed and start fresh.
  • They are bonding with these other obese people.
  • Is the bond good? For weight loss and success, yes. For future relationships with their spouses, maybe not so good. This environment is a huge bonding experience and could lead to marital affairs. I am blessed to be able to stay home and make changes with my spouse and kids right along with me.
  • These people are given wonderful resources: medical, trainers, dietary advisers, equipment, etc.
  • Can I do the same thing without all the resources? I am sure going to try.
  • These people are truly ill. So am I.
  • One person collapsed on a 1 mile run/walk, she is not much older then me and probably smaller than me in size. Ouch! That could have been me.
  • What are they learning?
  1. Drink water
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Little choices have big results
  4. Current discomfort is worth it
  5. The taste of the food was not worth the weight it created
  6. Be willing to push beyond your comfort level
  7. Truly: no pain no gain
  8. The trainers yell, swear, get mad and insult, but they actually are trying to help
  9. No excuses: this is not easy, don’t be victims, don’t let fear stop you, don’t blame your story for your life
  10. Now is your chance to change your life, don’t waste it or you waste your life
  11. Endurance: a word professional athletes use daily
  12. Work for it, earn it
  13. A Last Chance workout is every important for the game and for life.
  14. One person said he spent 4 hours in the gymn each day
  15. Investing in your health means Investing in your future
  • How am I going to get the same results without leaving my family, having an unlimited budget, having all the time to invest, etc.?
  • How am I going to stay motivated?
  • Do I realize that I make life and death choices each day, just like these people?
  • I need to make important changes in my life to improve my health while still living my life.
  • These people are able to get away from their old routines to make changes, they will eventually return to their homes and families and need to apply these lessons.
  • I need to apply these lessons now, with my family and my "old" routines.
  • I need to stay here and fight for my life and for my future.

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